Gotadegust cooks "fideua":

-For a large numer of people: from 50 to 4000 commensals.

-Firewood or gas made.

-With a high quality rice from the Delta region.

-Offering customized recipes. We provide the ingredients that we think work best, but we are eager to add any ingredient that our customer thinks it suits the event.

-We don't offer catering services, which means that everything is cooked where the event takes place and the just and precise moment.

-All the ingredients we use and provide are from the highest quality possible.


In order to feature the best attention, we can also provide our customers with extra services suchs as bringing salads, drinks, deserts, bread, coffee and silverware.


Don't hesitate and contact us. We are glad to help you and inform you about our services.


Gotadegust SL


Carrer Saturn nº 47

08228 Terrassa


Telèfon: 628 92 38 71


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